Green coffee beans extract capsules

Green Coffee Bean Extracts Quick Facts

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Fact on Green Coffee Bean Extracts While it is impossible for some to start a day without taking their morning coffee, there are those who take interest in taking their coffee unroasted; thus, in the form of coffee bean pills. Green Coffee Bean Extract has taken the medical industry by storm due to its weight loss property.

Green coffee extracts Pills
Green coffee extracts Pills

What does Coffee Bean Pills do?

Containing high levels of antioxidant, it repairs free radical damages in the body. Apart from that, it contains a pure extract of Chlorogenic acid. This has a metabolism-increasing property that burns down calorie while maintaining the essential nutrients absorbed by the body. More so, it prevents the liver to release more glucose in the blood. Thus, the fat cells are burnt by the body releasing the stored glucose in the blood. It then increases the body’s ability to naturally lose weight. Apart from that, it detoxifies the liver and promotes cardiac health.

Furthermore, these pills are proven to help those who have diabetes. Since most obese are diabetics, these pills are like hitting two birds in one stone. Because chlorogenic acid inhibits the glucose in the blood, blood sugar levels are stabilized. Chlorogenic acid is a natural phytochemical that is responsible of the reduction of the glucose in the blood stream.

Is there Any Side Effect of Coffee Bean Pills?

Green coffee extracts benefits
Green coffee extracts benefits

As this is natural, there is no adverse effect on taking coffee bean pills. Theoretically, green coffee bean extract could cause problems for some people yet the caffeine content of these beans is about 10% by weight, a strong dosage could have a 20% content.

To experience an optimum result, experts advised at most three times a day 400 mg dosage of these pills. It is also best to check whether the chlorogenic acid content is more than 45%. The highest grade found on the market today is 50%.

As in any other supplement, it always helps to check on the labels. Some manufacturers may use Ephedrine as substitute for green coffee beans. More so, it is wise to consult your doctor first before trying anything new.


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